Metal Recycling Longueuil

Metal recycling in Longueuil

For metal recycling in Longueuil, the first name that should come to mind is Zinman’s Fer et Métaux. A family-owned business for over 100 years, we can proudly call ourselves the metal experts in our area. We are much more than your regular scrap yard! We buy and sell all types of new and used metal, such as steel, copper, aluminum, brass and lead, all at competitive prices!

On top of making you money, recycling your scrap metal is great for the environment. It is much more environmentally efficient to recycle metal and reuse it locally instead of going through the process of mining, extracting and refining it, and then transporting it over long distances until it is ready to be put to use.

We value your satisfaction, and you can trust that we will provide fast, professional service each and every time you come by, whether you want to declutter your home or purchase new or used metal.

To get the most from your scrap metal, choose Zinman’s Fer et Métaux for your metal recycling in Longueuil. Contact us today!